Kings of War Rules

Kings of War Rules

When: Oct 8th to Oct 17th see schedule link above

Where: On a boat!

The list of players can be found here. If you find yourself on the list and your army isn’t named, please let us know.

See the schedule here!


  1. You must use the same army for each game.
  2. The models don’t need to be painted, but may be accompanied by ridicule ;), non-KoW figures are allowed, GW figures encouraged!
  3. The 2nd Edition rules will be used, they’re free and can be found here:
  4. Final Beta rules are allowed provided you have a printed copy to show your opponent as the link has been pulled, but only until such time the rules are published officially.  Currently this only applies to the Twilight Kin rules.
  5. Fan made lists will not be accepted.
  6. You cannot exceed a 2,000 point force using the standard points restrictions and list building restrictions.
  7. We will be using the Kings of War tournament document for rules on setup and proxies/WYSIWYG.  That can be found here:
  8. No clocks will be used for this event, but time will be called at 15 minutes before the scheduled time above (ie 1h45m) to give time for people to calculate victory and to get scoresheets to the event organizer.  If sheets aren’t received at the final round time, the organizer has the option to deduct 2 points from each player’s round score.   We’re all relatively new to the game so there is some leniency here in both round length and the absence of a clock to help account for this.
  9. In the event someone is suspected of slow playing call over the judge so that he can observe, this should be done as soon as it’s suspected.  Waiting until the game is completed is not satisfactory.  It’s the judges discretion to determine if it’s actually slow playing or not.  In the event slow playing is the final call, the judge can elect to call the game a time out and score it appropriately.
  10. You must bring all materials needed to play including dice, measuring device, models. As this is a demo tournament books will not be required!
  11. You must conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring our awesome hobby into disrepute.

If you are in doubt of anything please e-mail with your questions.




Rounds will be using one of the 6 scenarios from the main rulebook.  Each scenario will be announced at the beginning of the round.  After a game the points will be assigned as follows: Result

Tournament Points (TP)
Victory 15 TPs
Draw 10 TPs
Loss 5 TPs
Time out/Concede 0 TP (with no bonus for attrition score)

This will also be affected by a margin of victory seen below:

Points Difference Winner adjusts their TP score by Loser adjusts their TP score by
+2000 +5 -5
+1999 to +1500 +4 -4
+1499 to +1000 +3 -3
+999 to +500 +2 -2
+499 to +200 +1 -1
+199 to -199 0 0
-200 to -499 -1 +1
-500 to -999 -2 +2
-1000 to -1499 -3 +3
-1500 to -1999 -4 +4
-2000 -5 +5

Sports (25 max)

At the end of the tournament you’ll vote on your favourite opponent, this person will receive a sportsmanship point.  The person with the most sportsmanship points will win the Best Sportsmanship award.  In the event of a tie, the person with the highest battle score will win.  The 1st place sportsman will get 5 points added to their overall score, the 2nd place will get 3 points added, the 3rd place will get 2 point added, and every other person that receives at least one vote will get 1 point added.

Painting (25 max)

During the lunch break you’ll be asked to vote for your top 3 favourite armies at the event.  This can be anything you like.  1st place votes will get 3 points, 2nd place will get 2 points and 3rd place will get 1 point towards their painting score.  The highest painting score will win the Favourite Army award.  In the event of a tie, sportsmanship voting will win the award.  The 1st place finish in painting score will add 5 points to your overall score, the 2nd place will get 3 points added, the 3rd place will get 2 point added, and every other person that received at least one painting vote will get 1 point added.

In addition there will be a painting checklist that will posted online in a short while (and updated here!) that you’ll fill out yourselves on game 1 and will be verified over the course of the 2 days.  This will account for 20 points in addition for the placing scores above.  A 3 colour minimum army should score 10 points by the checklist.


Battle score added with the sports placement and painting placements creates the overall scoring.  The highest scoring player will win the Best Overall award, in the event of a tie Battle will determine the winner.  In the event that is still tied, most sports votes will determine the winner. In the event they’re still tied, paint score will determine the winner.  In the highly improbable event they are STILL tied, speeches followed by applause from the participants will determine the victor.


No person can win more than one award in an event a person will win multiple awards the order of the awards below from top to bottom will take precedence.

Best Overall – Battle score with Sports Placement and Painting Placements added

Best General – Battle score

Best Sportsman – Sportsmanship points

Favourite Army – Painting score

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