Bloodbowl Rules

We will be running a mini-league and playoffs on the boat.  It will be a find your game event for everything but the tournament brackets.

Every day up to the last cruise day will be open gaming, there will be a laptop in the room with internet access and a printer for submitting games on the OBBLM site for team management and for printing your match reports.  No team can schedule more than 6 league games before the playoffs bracket.

Top 4 teams will face off in a single elimination bracket finals on the final cruise day.  This is designed to fit into the schedules of 90% of the other games.  (ie unless you’re playing in the final top 2 game for any game system, you should be able to make your top 4 playoff bracket for BloodBowl).  This means you can bring BloodBowl and another game system and participate in both.  All other game systems run at roughly the same time, so this is not possible with any other 2 game systems at the moment.

Bring your teams, come have fun!