Horus Heresy (Warhammer 30k)

Event structure: The Heresy Brawl will be a 3000 point 5 round Horus Heresy event using all of the most recent games workshop rules and documents. Our event will also be running the most recent versions of the Libre Obscuris Legacies of the Age of Darkness Rebalance, and the Libre Panoptica FAQ document attached at the end of this player pack. Note that we have edited that document to remove any errata and balance changes originally added to keep it simple, except for Mechaniucm! We highly suggest getting equated with these documents before the event! Missions and deployments will be using the Horus Heresy Age of Darkness core missions from the rule book and will be supplied at the event. If GW/FW releases FAQ/Errata’s of their own before the event, they will take precedence over anything in the attached documents!