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About Cruisehammer


Long have we waited friends, and it’s with great pride that I can announce that Cruisehammer is back and in a big way! We’re countinuing our partnership with Frontline Gaming to continue our brand new gaming experience Cruisehammer. Grab your passport, and let’s hit the water!

For those unfamiliar, Cruisehammer is a week-long adventure where you join us for either a Warhammer 40,000 tournament or Age of Sigmar tournament on a cruise. In 2023, we will be cruising throughout the Bahamas! Cruisehammer 2023 is booked from Aug 13th to Aug 20th leaving from Cape Liberty, NJ.

We are adding a special Invitational 40k Tournament for the top ITC players, and to add some incentive to the ITC, the top 3 40k players will each receive a FREE Cruisehammer ticket! That’s right, A FREE CRUISEHAMMER TICKET! With these tickets, these players will be playing in the Invitational ITC Champions Tournament on the ship, ensuring that they only face the most competitive and experienced players.

For those of you who are not in the fight for the ITC championships, don’t worry, we have events for you. An Open 40k tournament and Open Age of Sigmar tournament will be on the ship. Space will be limited, but ideally, we should have an opportunity for anyone who wants to come and play will be able to! This event is also nice, because you don’t necessarily have to face down the likes of an ITC champion round one, so you’ve got that going for you. 

Now you might be asking yourself, how can I afford such a luxurious and long getaway? You just might be surprised at how affordable this trip is! Our prices listed on our site start at $725 a person. This gets on the boat, your own bed, all you can eat at nearly every restaurant on board, and entry into the Open event of your choice! This price also includes taxes and fees, so no surprise bills on those. Alcohol is an additional expense, but depending on the drink package you go for, it can end of being quite affordable. You’ll want to make sure you have a valid passport for this trip as well!

Onboard, you have access to a giant cruise ship packed from bow to stern with amazing fun and activities. Pools for all ages, casino, ice skating, ice cream parlors, stage shows and comedians, karaoke, cigar room, pizza parlor, night club, coffee bar, tons and tons of full bars, and some incredible dinners. The fun doesn’t stop there, on board you’re able to hop into hours of open gaming, fun tournaments, and chances to chat with fellow nerds as you get to visit over the course of an entire week. There is fun for all ages on the boat. 

Beyond the lavish and amazing activities on the boat, this trip will have several ports of call such as Mexico, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. Going ashore, you’ll find tons of sponsored guided excursions. Back in 2014, when Cruisehammer stopped in Mexico, I went on an amazing excursion to the ruins of Tulum Mexico. Other stops have included kayaking in the ocean, snorkeling, horseback riding, tours of amazing waterfalls, and more! You don’t have to necessarily even take a cruise sponsored excursion. Local shops and beaches are fantastic to explore, enjoying delicious local culinary and wonderful art. 

With all of these amazing parts, the best part is absolutely the people! Crusiehammer gives you the chance to spend a week with your friends and family, actually getting to know these friends at a deeper, more meaningful level.